Uses and Abuses of Satellite TV

TV is also very important for making people aware of different national and global issues and forming public opinion about them. TV not only broadcasts news and reports, but also shows pictures and videos with them. This makes tv reporting and broadcasting very lively, effective and powerful. Uses and abuses of satellite tv (part 2)


Uses and Abuses of Satellite TV

TV is also used for education or distant learning. For example, Bangladesh open university telecast their courses on tv and learners watch them on tv screen. TV, can also spread knowledge and education among the general masses through their didactic and educational programmes.

Uses and Abuses of Satellite TV

TV channels very often telecast games and sports live. In fact, watching games and sports on tv has become a good source of recreation, and this also helps popularise games and sports. Besides, people need not go to the play ground or the venue for watching the game. Television plays an important role in business world.Television shows advertisement of different products and thus give them a wide recognition. Thus, it promotes business and commerce. Satellite channels have removed monotony of watching fixed items of programmes. They have provided people with opportunities of watching diverse programmes on numerous channels. In fact, today we have specialised satellite channels on almost every interest. There are some channels which broadcast only news sound the clock, some only show cinemas. Some channels show games and sports only, some channels show only the discoveries and inventions of science and technology and again some channels are dedicated for travelling animals world. Actually, people now have more choices and more freedom about television programmes.
For every intention, there are some demerits. Television is not free from harms.

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  1. Every subjects has merits and demerits. It depends on using. Television is a great media and entertainment source for all. But extra watching tv is harmful for students as well as seniors. Now a day enjoy tv is more easy using internet through live streaming technology. We have to right use of Media system.

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