Why I Use Infolinks – Best Alternate of Google Adsense

Why I use Infolinks?

Infolinks ad service is one of the best alternate for Google Adsense. When I was using Google ads on my several sites, i was searching for alternate of Google Adsense because Adsense ad was not showing to opera mini user. I live in Bangladesh. Most of the mobile user use opera mini as their primary browser.

Benefits of Infolinks!


I have experienced their inline link ads first. Links ads are great, if you don’t want to bother your visitor with your large sky scraping ads. And they have higher click rate. The integration part was difficult for me to understand at first, but later i found these script very useful from developer point of view. I can put the integration JavaScript at bottom, so I don’t have to worry about my page load speed.

Their payment is awesome!

First time it was difficult for me to make the first threshold value of minimum payment. 50$ was little bit difficult to achieve in one month got one site. Later i have approved my several sites and put my ads there. I got my first payment after 2 months visa Paypal. Paypal is still more available in my country, so i need to shift to some other payment option. Last time i got Payoneer debit card withdrawal. And it was really awesome that i can refill my MasterCard from Infolinks.

Sometimes They Provide Double Earning Offer!

Infolinks sometimes give some extraordinary offer like double earning for specific promotion. Like The below video, you will see their new promotion video: Infolinks for Double Earnings Post Link

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Best Alternate of Google Adsense

Scope to improve!

There is always chance of improvement. Infolinks is still using the synchronous script for tracking. Google has shifted to asynchronous code for better page speed. Still the revenue is not real time, so you have to wait at least two days to get the estimated earnings. Besides these link ads, they should have rectangular or skyscraper ads to get the attention of the visitors. And last thing, its still lag behind the Adsense in sense of revenue comparison.

Support was awesome!

They have very friendly support system. Even they will notify you if revenue fall from last few weeks comparison. My one sites got disapproved and the temporarily hold my payments. I immediately contact with their support and they response great.

Infolinks can be a great Ad service to your blog. So join today with their and get connected with them.

So why delay, Start your earnings with Infolinks New Left Arrow

Personal ratings: (Out of 5 Star)

Revenue: 4 star

Easy integration: 3 star

Ad format variation: 3 star

Click rate: 3 star

Page load impact: 2 star

Support: 5 star

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  1. I have never used Infolinks. But the feature you said about infolinks seems they are going reliable to the bloggers on payment. I love to try this too.

    Thanks for share

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