SSC Rescrutiny Process 2014 | Step by Step SMS

SSC re scrutiny 2014 has been started. Today SSC Result 2014 has been published. After result publication, many of the students just asking themselves, is that really happening to them? They didn’t get the expected grades in SSC result. Generally we call Rescrutiny Process “Khata recheck ssc 2014” or “Khata Call of SSC”, “Khata challenge ssc exam”

Time Limit of Re-scrutiny Process of SSC 2014

(Last date of SSC Rescrutiny 2014)

If you have seen the previous year SSC’s rescrutiny circular you will find that Education Board of Bangladesh has given only 7 days to complete all the re-scrutiny apply for individuals. You must use the Teletalk operators mobile phone to do this.

Last year SSC’s re-scrutiny circular by Teletalk


SSC Rescrutiny Process 2014

That’s why this year last date of SSC re-scrutiny 2014 will be 24 MAY, 2014

Stating Date: 18 May, 2014

End Date: 24 May, 2014


SSC Rescrutiny Process 2014 | Step by Step SMS Method

First Message:

RSC<space>First Three Letter of Board Name<space>Roll No<Space>Subject Code and send to 16222

To get Subject Code of Individual subject please Visit: Subject Code of SSC exam 2014

For General Education Board: RSC<>space>DHA<space>10345<space>123 and send to 16222

To get first 3 letters of respective board: First 3 letters of SSC/Dakhil board

For Madrasa Board: RSC<>space>Mad<space>15345<space>123 and send to 16222

For Technical Education Board: RSC<>space>Tec<space>17345<space>123 and send to 16222

Second Message:

In reply you will get an SMS which will let you know how much application money will be charged and a PIN number will be given to you through SMS for confirmation.

If you agree to give TK. 125, go to message option and type

RSC<space>YES<space>PIN number<space>Contact Number and send to 16222

E.g. RSC<space>YES<space>654321<space>01710000000” and send to 16222

Information Sheet for SSC Re-scrutiny 2014 (Subject Code and Board 3 Letters)

For SSC Re-scrutiny Result 2014 of All Education Board First 3 Letters:

1. For Dhaka Board – DHA

2. For Comilla Board – COM

3. For Rajshahi Board – RAJ

4. For Jessore Board – JES

5. For Chittagong Board – CHI

6. For Barisal Board – BAR

7. For Sylhet Board – SYL

8. For Dinajpur Board – DIN

The above mentioned SSC re-scrutiny process is applicable for below board:

SSC Rescrutiny method 2014 Dhaka Board, SSC Rescrutiny method 2014 Rajshahi Board, SSC Rescrutiny method 2014 Chittagong Board, SSC Rescrutiny method 2014 Jessore Board, SSC Rescrutiny method 2014 Comilla Board, SSC Rescrutiny method 2014 Sylhet Board, SSC Rescrutiny method 2014 Barishal Board, SSC Rescrutiny method 2014 Dinajpur Board, SSC Rescrutiny method 2014 Madrasa Board, SSC Rescrutiny method 2014 Technical Board

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18 Replies to “SSC Rescrutiny Process 2014 | Step by Step SMS”

  1. amar result moner moto hoy nai.marseet ash onek dari so ami akhoni jante cahai kon subject kharap achse? Ami Madrasha board theka exam diasi, amar point hosse 4.81 and amar roll number hosse( 418515).Plz Help me………..

  2. amar 1subject result kharaf aslo. but result kharaf asar kotha na. ami 1hon ki korbo janaben sir…………..

  3. Exam valo daia o result valo asa ni. Ja subject valo hoyaca sha subject a result carap.kon chor master khata dakka. shalara laka pora jana na.please strik them.

  4. Amar rescrutiny result change hoinai. Amar ager result gpa 5 (bangla A ar baki sob sub a A+ ) . Tarpor 16 tarikhe college a apply korar jonno sms kori kintu allow hoina. Kintu net, paper a diyese_ Jara rescrutiny korese tader college er abedon grohoner last date 17-06-14. Ami jokhon sms kori thokhon reply ase your result is not change after rescrutiny. So you are not allowed CAD. Ey salara je notice dise ektu valo koira de. Ami 12 tarikher vitor sms kori nai clg a apply er jonno. Ami net a koyekdin ageo dhekhesi. Clg a abedoner tarik. 28may-12 june. For rescrutiny 17-06-14. Tai ami 15 tarikhe amar result dhekhe tarpor apply kori kintu hoina. Pore 17 tarikhe board a jai. Kintu lav hoinai. Tobe ekhon er lav hobe na. 17 tarik last date silo oi din board er kutta gulo kisu korte parle korte parto. Kintu kore nai. Ey dora onekei khaise sudu amina . Tobe sms koira jodi kono clg a chance na paitam tao maina newya jaito. Kintu eyta newya jaina.

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