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Android OS is the most used and practically the most popular operating system all across the globe. Hence, so is the Google Play Store; providing a diverse massive ecosystem for its developers and a huge market place with tons of amazing, over the top features available on the best UI there is.

Since the inception of E-commerce, the probability of smart phones becoming the next best resource for the phenomenon of electronic commerce has been imminent. Since, android was a global phenomenon, with at least a billion people on the planet using android phones, Google made sure to recognize this fact and worked excessively to provide developers with the best medium to create ecommerce apps; apps that can effectively manage to reach both the local and international markets.

Google Play Store is now on the way to becoming the market leader, closely following the Apple’s Store in the world of apps, games, e-books etc. Google boasts a huge market share in terms of ecommerce apps as well. These apps are mostly the ones generating the bigger chunk of business revenue, not just for google but also for the developer companies. Ecommerce through mobile apps is now becoming the Next BIG THING. The day is not far, I believe, when e-commerce through Google apps might get a world’s renowned name of the kinds such as G-commerce or M-Commerce for Google Commerce or Mobile Commerce, respectively.

Many e-commerce apps are making their mark in the Google Play Store these days. Brands of clothing, accessories, electronics and countless other genres have or are now making their own personalized apps with distinct features to compete in the vastly growing smartphone using market segment all across the world. Many new multi brands and consumer-to-consumer (C2C), business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) portal apps are becoming the new trend of business. These portals & mediator apps are becoming excessively popular due to the opportunities and benefits they provide, through one single concentrated market place, to the regular consumer as well as the the businesses looking for ever new mediums to expand their business activities.

Ebay & Amazon were the pioneers of this Ecommerce trend, but newer and sometimes better ecommerce business providing apps are ever emerging on the market segment. One such app, or a ‘mega app store’ in itself, that I came across recently is Kaymu. The Kaymu app available on Google Play Store is a state of the art portal for B2C and C2C commerce over the smartphone medium. My experience with Kaymu was one of an uber satisfied basic consumer looking for the best place to turn my age old habit of collecting art into a sustainable little business. Now I have the best place to share/trade my huge collection of art and artefacts with connoisseurs like myself. Kaymu even provides me a “SafePay” option, something that makes me trust the app even more, and something I could not manage to find in any other similar app stores. It’s giving me a very enjoyable as well as safe experience for my hobby in a country like Bangladesh, where not many options of such kind are available, options that let me explore and advance my habit so much! J

Therefore, I would just like to conclude, that Google Play Store is a place that I spend most of my time on these days, and much of that gets dedicated to my favorite app Kaymu. People might call this current smartphone and app frenzy to be a bane for society, I think it’s a boon for me and if you know which smartphone to use, which OS to stick to, you might find your boon as well.

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