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Bangladesh Government has a website to view the registered Teacher of the country. Every year newteacher was recruited. Teachers are getting enlisted in MPOMPO means Monthly pay order for theteachers. Many of the teachers are looking everyday to see that he is enlisted for MPO or not.

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MPO Teacher Bangladesh

Actually the MPO teacher list is provided by the Government Website: actually meansDirectorate of Secondary and Higher Education.

The administration of Bangladesh allots great significance on schooling and in this regard the cabinet has been trying to convert its huge citizenry into human resource. Education for All (EFA) is the lawful responsibility of the government. The law affirms even justices in education for all. Look upon this, the government has emphasised on furnishing education to the aback population and its female inhabitants. The government is equipping free schooling up to HSC (Class- 12) for the female along with the allowance. It is anticipated that this will contribute to enhancing the registration rate of the female students, lessening the rate of failing student and enhance the homeland with an educated majority.


The existing schooling system of Bangladesh may be broadly divided into three significant stages, viz. primary, secondary and higher education. Primary education is bestowed basically by primary level organizations. Secondary schooling is imparted by junior secondary and higher secondary level systems. Higher education is granted by degree pass (3 years), degree honors (4 years), masters (1 & 2 years) and other higher level institutions of the equivalent section of other associated institutes.

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15 Replies to “MPO Teacher List 2014 Bangladesh by”

  1. To

    The Director General
    Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education
    Bangladesh. Dhaka.

    Sub: – prayer for the pay scale of an assistant professor.

    With due respect and regards I beg most respectfully to state that, I am Mohammad Faruk Bin Wahed , joined Sagordi Islamia Kamil Madrasha as lecturer department of physics on dated 31-12-1992. After completion of 8(eight) years of work experience I had applied to the principal Asruf Ali Dewan, time and again then he had signed on my higher scale forwarding form on dated 02-04-2001 by cutting the amount 7200/- TK and wrote 6300/- TK giving initial intentionally and forcibly .Then on the M.P.O of May 2001 my pay scale had been changed to 6150/- TK instead of 7200/-TK.

    After wards I prayed several times for the pay scale of an assistant professor but he never gives me the recommendation for the pay scale of an assistant professor 18500/-TK.
    I therefore hope and pray if you would be kind enough to give me the pay scale of an assistant professor by your discretionary power, I will be ever grateful to you.

    Dated: 23-09-2014 yours most obedient

    Mohammad Faruk Bin Wahed
    Lecturer Department of physics
    Sagordi Islamia Kamil Madrasha
    Index No:-362174
    Phone No:- 01712794804
    Email: – [email protected]

    Honorable principal
    Asruf Ali Dewan
    Phone No: – 01712081106

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