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HSC Result 2014 Bangladesh will be published on 12 August, 2014. But hsc result 2014 will be published on august 13, 2014. Our education minister Mr. Nurul Islam Nahid announces that any of the three days is possible date to publish the hsc result. 12 august will be the 60th day of the completion of the hsc exam 2014.

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It is the rule of education boards of Bangladesh that the result should be published within 2 months/60 days from the last day of the examination. HSC Result 2014 therefore will be published on August 13, 2014. I will keep posted the updates of HSC Result 2014 Bangladesh here.

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The result of HSC exam 2014 will be published on Bangladesh Education Board’s official website which is www.educationboardresults.gov.bd . Here you can get your expected result within some second on the result publication date.

Last year HSC Result 2013 Overview

Last year HSC Result 2013 as published on 3rd, August 2013.

In 2013, a total of 10,02,496 examinees from 7,657 educational institutions was appeared at the exam and 7,44,891 students passed successfully.

Sylhet Board pass rate of 79.13% which was the top position among all the eight general education boards while Chittagong Board the lowest with 61.22% success rate.

Total 74.04% candidates of Dhaka Board, 77.69% in Rajshahi, 71.94% in Dinajpur, 67.49% in Jessore, 74.56% in Comilla and 71.69 in Barisal passed.

However, students of science group achieved top positions with 27,873 GPA-5. Total of 13,139 students got GPA-5 from commerce group And 5,724 from humanities group.

On the other hand, students of commerce group achieved highest pass rate was 77.32%, 72.53% for science groups and 66.30% for humanities group.

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Get HSC Result 2014 by SMS Method

To get your result through mobile sms follow the instructions bellow…

Go to your mobile Massage option

Now type HSC<space>First 3 latter of your Board name<space>Roll No<space>2014

Now send it to 16222

Example SMS:

HSC<Space>Dha<Space>123460<Space>2013 send to 16222

Alim<Space>Mad<Space>123467<Space>2013 send to 16222

HSC<Space>Tec<Space>123480<Space>2013 send to 16222

Short Code Name of All Education Board HSC Result 2014 Bangladesh:

DHA = Dhaka Board | COM = Comilla Board | RAJ = Rajshahi Board | JES = Jessore Board | CHI= Chittagong Board | BAR = Barisal Board | SYL = Sylhet Board | DIN = Dinajpur Board | MAD = Madrassah Board | TEC= Technical Board

HSC Result 2014 Bangladesh Data Center

Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) and equivalent examinations start on across the country on 03 April 2014. 1,41,374 examinees attend from 8,104 educational institutions all over the Bangladesh. Besides 606,293 examinees are boys and 535,081 examinees are girls taken part in HSC Exam 2014 under 10 education boards, including madrasa and technical boards.

In 2014, the number of examinees has increased by more than 1.28 lakh. Over 2.09 lakh candidates are not sitting for the exams as they did not fill in the forms. The HSC exams 2014 held in 5 overseas centres in Doha, Abu Dhabi, Jeddah, Riyadh and Tripoli for 202 candidates, where 202 students — 91 boys and 111 girls.

Among the 11,41,374 examinees, more than Nine lakh students sited for the HSC exams 2014 under 8 general education boards. 107,557 students appeared in Alim Exams under Madrasa Board and104,669 under technical education and 4,977 of the DIBS. Besides, 3,769 students of Diploma in Business Studies also had taken the Exam under the Dhaka Board.

HSC Result 2014 Bangladesh:

All Education boards in Bangladesh:

1. HSC Exam Result 2014 Dhaka Board

2. HSC Exam Result 2014 Rajshahi Board

3. HSC Exam Result 2014 Chittagong Board

4. HSC Exam Result 2014 Jessore Board

5. HSC Exam Result 2014 Comilla Board

6. HSC Exam Result 2014 Shylhet Board

7. 2014 HSC Exam Result Barishal Board

8. 2014 HSC Exam Result Dinajpur Board

9. 2014 Alim Exam Result Madrasa Board

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