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6 Replies to “FCPS: All Information about all 3 parts”

  1. Hello every body , I am egyptian , recently joined as FCPS II trainee under Saudi supervisor , I am working and living in Saudi Arabia .
    I am looking for help to go through preparation and completion of required materials, E-logbook’and others .
    Thank you

  2. I am Dr Faizan Ali from Islamabad, Pakistan. I am MBBS graduate from Allama Iqbal Medical College Lahore and completed my house job from Sheikh Zayed Medical College and Hospital Rahim Yar Khan. I have had about one year experience of community health as a medical officer in Basic Health Unit and later on Rural Health Center in Pakistan. I want to ask following points, kindly respond me earlier so that I can do accordingly,

    Respected sir/ Madam!
    1) Is Pakistani MBBS student eligible for taking BCPS FCPS part 1 after house job?
    2) What is PEN/ SEN/ MEN? is it some kind of enrollment card, if so how can I get it from Pakistan?
    3) Pakistani FCPS-1 is having equivalence to Bangladeshi FCPS part 1, I want to ask what FCPS exam I have to attempt in General Cadre if I am interested in Pediatric Medicine?

    Kindly reply these questions from your precious time, with kind regards
    Dr Faizan Ali

  3. Faizan

    1. yes
    2. PEN= primary enrollment number card which should be done before attending fcps part 1 exam
    SEM= secondary enrollment number card for fcps part 2 exam
    MEN= membership enrollment card for MCPS exam
    3. General subject is Medicine.

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