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Shrink O Matic is the best free image resizer and optimizer of 2014. If you worry about your large size image and looking for the best software to resize and optimize according to Google Page Speed guideline “Shrink-O-Matic” is the best option for you.

Best Free Image Resizer and Image Optimizer

I have used lots of free and paid image resizer. There is a basic difference between image resizer and image optimizer. Image Resizer only resizes the image, but Image optimizer removes the unwanted data fromimage. It makes the image optimize for web upload. Previously I have used Pixresizer (Free) and Microsoft Office Photo Editor. But they didn’t do the “Lossless compression” of the image.


I will recommend “Shrink-O-Matic” as image optimizer for Google Page Speed issue of your websites.

Google Image Optimization TipsGoogle Image Optimization Tips

After running my website speed test on Google Page Speed Insights, I have found some unoptimized image in “Optimize images” part, it says

” Properly formatting and compressing images can save many bytes of data.

Optimize the following images to reduce their size by 21.7KiB (16% reduction).”

Then I have found the lifesaving “Shrink-O-Matic” image optimized handy and free.

Download Latest Shrink-O-Matic

Download Latest Shrink-O-Matic from below link. It’s tiny software with massive use. You can batch resize your all photo in a folder, batch watermark, drag and resize photo instantly even from web pages. Follow the below method to download and install shrink o matic step by step.

Step 1

Download Latest Adobe Air

If you found shrink o matic link before and have downloaded it, you may have seen this it’s not .exe file. Shrink-o-matic is never Shrink-O-Matic-2.0.3.exe rather it is Shrink-O-Matic-2.0.3.air. You may have not seen the .air extension because you have hid the file extension from Folder option menu. So everyone stuck at the same step “How I run .air can Files?” Answer is simple. You need the Latest “Adobe Air”

Link: Download Latest Adobe Air (24 February 2014), Size: 17 MB

(Link Regularly Updated)

Step 2

Download Latest Shrink-O-Matic

Link: Download Latest Shrink-O-Matic  (Version: 2.0.3) (24 February 2014), Size:  2 MB

(Link Regularly Updated) It’s a software from

Be a Developer of Shrink-O-Matic

Shrink-O-Matic open source and you will find the source code of Shrink o matic here: Shrink-O-Matic Source Code

Let me know if any problem by leaving a comment. Thanks

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