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Download BCS written Syllabus

BCS written Syllabus is important for all BCS examines. I have many request to upload the BCS written syllabus.

This Syllabus contains following topic:

BCS Written Test Syllabus (online course syllabus)

  • Bengali First Paper
  • Bengali Second Paper
  • English First Paper
  • English Second Paper
  • Mathematics
  • General Science
  • Technology
  • General Knowledge: Bangladesh First Paper
  • General Knowledge: Bangladesh Second Paper
  • General Knowledge: International

Sample Of online course syllabus 33 BCS written

Bangladesh Affairs Paper-1
(For both General and Technical/Professional Cadre)
This paper is designed to cover historical, geographical, environmental, social, cultural, political, economic, and administrative affairs of Bangladesh. Attention may be given to the following topics.
1. Topographical and demographic features of Bangladesh;
2. Historical background of Bangladesh;
3. Bangladesh Liberation war;
4. Social, Economic and Political life of Bangladesh;
5. Art and Literature on Bangladesh;
6. Resources and Conservation: Natural, Flora and Fauna, Mineral;
7. Management of Water and Energy resources;
8. Various Development Strategies and Policies of Bangladesh;
9. Role of Education in human resource development
10. GNP and Per Capita income: Contribution of agriculture, industry, commerce, and services to GNP.
Bangladesh Affairs Paper-2
(For both General and Technical/Professional Cadre)
1. The Constitution of Bangladesh;
2. Government of Bangladesh;
a. Legislative b. Executive c. Judiciary
3. Foreign Policy, international relations and security strategy of Bangladesh;
4. Role of political parties in Bangladesh;
5. Administrative set up-central and local government;
6. Civil-Military relations in Bangladesh;
7. Role of NGOs in Bangladesh;
8. Empowerment of women in Bangladesh;
9. Political and economic institutions and their accountability;
10. Civil society, democracy and state-building;
11. Reforms in Bangladesh- Administrative, Land and Education;
12. Role of IMF, ADB and World Bank in Bangladesh;
13. Effect offree market and globalization in Bangladesh.
International Affairs
(For both General and Professional/Technical Cadre)
1. International Affairs Meaning, Scope and Significance, International Affairs and International Politics: Approaches to the study in International Affairs.
2. Nationalism, Imperialism, Colonialism and Noe-Colonialism, Globalization and New World Order.
3. State: Kinds of Sate, Mode of acquiring state territory, River, Sea and Outer Space.
4. National Power Meaning and Components.
5. Balance of Power.
6. Diplomacy, Diplomatic Envoys, Functions and immunities of diplomatic envoys.
7. Armament and Disarmament: Treaties relating to arms control.
8. Economic instrument of national policy, Tariff, Cartels, Dumping, Quotas and licenses, Loan and grant, Inter-government agent. Barter Commodity Agreement. Pre-emptive buying, Exchange Control, Control of enemy assets.
9. The UNO the General Assembly. The Security Council, The International Court of justice-Criminal Court of Justice, The Economic and Social Council and Development Agenda, Collective Security. Nonfactual Issues and peace keeping. RIO Conference (Environment) Kyoto Protocol, Cairo Conference (population), Copenhagen Conference (Social issues) Beijing Conference (Women).
10. NATO.
11. Non-Aligned Movement.
12. Commonwealth.
13. The international Politics of South East Asia Latin America, Meddle East and sub-Sahara Region.
14. Foreign Polices of Bangladesh, India, China, North Korea, Iran, UK, USA, France, Germany, South Africa, Israel, Russia, Pakistan and Poland.
15. Regionalism Meaning and reasons for forming organizations. ASEAN, BIMSTEC, OPEC, OAS, APEC, SAARC, SAPTA, NAFTA, EU, OIC, African Union, GCC.
16. Financial Institutions G-8, G-77, LDC, Asian Development Bank, World Bank, WTO, European Union Bank, IMF, Islamic Development Bank.

Download BCS written Syllabus as PDF

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Sample of BCS written syllabus page 1 only here:

BCS Written Syllabus

Download BCS written Syllabus as PDF

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