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p>9th NTRCA Exam Result of School Level and College Level will be found here. 9th Teachers’ Registration Exam of School level was taken on 23rd August and College level was taken on 24th August.

Non-Government Teachers’ Registration & Certification Authority (NTRCA) grants the teachers’ registration for profession. I have already published some posts on Details 9th NTRCA apply, 9th NTRCA School level Question Solution and , 9th NTRCA College level Question Solution.

9th NTRCA9th Teachers’ Registration Exam Result

Everyone asking me the same question again and again. The question is simple and very presumptive.

Question: When will be the 9th NTRCA Result?

Ans: If you look at my previous year’s 8th NTRCA Result; you will get the idea when will be this year’s NTRCA result. The School Level Exam was on 23rd August and College level was taken on 24th August, so most probably it will take one month to publish the result.

How will I get 9th NTRCA Exam Result?

I am providing you an iframe to check the 9th NTRCA Exam Result. If you are entering this site from any opera mini browser or mobile wap supported phone, you will not be able to see below iframe. So if you want to check the result of 9th Teachers’ Registration Exam, you must have to enter this page from computer.

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Mobile Link To Check Result

You can also get the 9th NTRCA Result from Bangladesh Result Official Fan Page:


You have to write


?????? ?? https://www.facebook.com/bdresult ?? ??? ? NTRCA <?????>LEVEL (SCHOOL/COLLEGE)<?????> roll_no ???? ?????? ????, ??????? ??????

Write it on the wall (Exactly) to get your result in Reply.

In Previous some years, NTRCA main website was NTRCA.GOV.BD but from last year NTRCA has took the steps for online teacher registration form by Teletalk. This 8th Teachers’ Registration Exam of 2012 was a new step for teacher certificate online and giving online teaching degree.

9th NTRCA Exam Result by SMS

Teletalk Mobile operator soon will provide the SMS method to get the 9th Teachers’ Registration Exam Result. In last year, they have provided it. But this year the SMS format may change. I will post the updated SMS format to send when I will get them. Till then be with us.

Will it Giving Teaching Certificates of 9th Teachers’ Registration Exam Result on online?

Answer: No, The Bangladesh Ministry of Education will only provide the Result of 9th teacher registration. Bangladesh Government (NTRCA.GOV.BD) still not introduced giving Teaching Certificates on online. You can get the result of 9th Teachers’ Registration by NTRCA but Teaching Certificates online is still unavailable.

Short Note for MCQ and Written Exam Of NTRCA 9th Teachers’ Registration:

Every candidate face total 200 marks, 100 marks for MCQ and 100 marks for written exam. MCQ exam time 1 hour and written exam time 3 hour. MCQ exam for every wrong answer 0.50 marks deduct for total marks.

Download 9th Teachers’ Registration Exam Result PDF


9th Teachers’ Registration Exam Result

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