Download Latest Hostspot Shield 2014 Ver 3.42 AnchorFree

Free Download Latest Hotspot Shield 3.42

Size: 7.68MB

Description of Hotspot Shield 3.42

Hotspot Shield is the best software to see YouTube videos from blocked countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Saudi Arabia, Iran etc. It secures your identity over the internet. Many of us use slow proxy server to see YouTube videos. But if you use Hotspot Shield 3.42, you can easily enjoy YouTube videos over the internet.

AnchorFree Hotspot Shield Office

System requirements of Hotspot Shield 3.42
  • Operating systems: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • Additional requirements: Not available

Update: (25 MAY, 2014)

I have added the download link of Android version of latest Hostspot Shield 2014 from AnchorFree, I have uploaded the APK file and reuploded to mediafire, so that you can easily download the APK from mediafire and install it from android, if google play store is inaccessable by some means.

Free Download Latest Hotspot Shield 2014 | Version 3.42

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  1. Arezoo says

    Give me a hand plz. I cannot download hotspot shield and i really really really need it.
    Could you plz send it to me ?
    With thousands of thanks

  2. Masoud S says

    Could you help me download hotspot Shield in Iran? All official download sites have been blocked

  3. parviz says

    Hi, please send me hotspot shield for android and windows because I cant download from here.
    Thanks a lot

  4. gh says

    Hi, please send me hotspot shield for android and windows to my . because All official download sites have been blocked and I cant download from here
    Thanks a lot

  5. yekta says

    Hi.plz sent for me anti filter or latest version of hots pot shield,really need to it.plz harry up with very thanks.

  6. sarvi says

    Hi I have problem downloading hotspot shield, can you help me please???? I really need it…
    Thank you so much!

  7. says

    Yesterday i was finding latest version of hotspot shield . At the end i got desirable result.
    Now before sharing the link will you please tell me about your device mean at which device you want to use hotspot shield. Here i am sharing a link through which you can get latest version of hotspot shield for man & windows.

  8. zahra says

    hello, i need hotspot shield for htc chacha but i cant download it … please help me and send it to my mail.. thank you

  9. sergio simoes says

    i am in Iran for the next month and it impossible to download hotspot to my android, could you please help me and send me link ? thank you in advance

  10. sergio simoes says

    hello, it look’s i cant open hot mail to here in iran can you send me the link to this email adress too? thanks

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